Fat Eighth Fruitcake Quilt


Hello quilting friends!

Do I have a treat for you! I personally have never eaten fruitcake, but when the Fat Quarter Shop asked for volunteers to make their adorable new Fat Eighth Fruitcake quilt I couldn’t resist.

The hardest part of the whole process was selecting which fabric to use! I wanted lots of color choices in my fabric bundle. Ultimately I chose “Midnight Garden” by One Canoe Two. I love how the blues, greens, peaches and yellows all work together and compliment one another.

I did end up buying a little extra yardage for more variety in the quilt top as I chose not to use the low volume fabric pieces that came in the fabric bundle (as the background fabric was low volume as well. 

I ironed all of my fabric pieces. Oh, how I love to iron! I have Netflix going on the TV (binge-watching the new Sabrina episodes) as I merrily starch and press all my fabric pieces flat and crisp!

Next, I grouped my prints, stacked the fabric and started cutting. This part took the longest for me. But once all of the fabric was cut, I was ready to assemble. I am not really a chain-piecing kind of girl. I NEED more instant satisfaction than that. So I made myself a deal—I would work in groups of five fabrics, chain piece all of them and then assemble those blocks. It worked great!

Once all of my blocks were done, I played with block placement (for what seemed like forever) until I found an arrangement that worked for me! Then I sewed the blocks into rows and the rows together to make the quilt top!


Now on to quilting! My first thought was an all-over meandering pattern, but after looking at all of the straight and angled lines of the blocks, I decided to quilt straight lines on the diagonal. I got out my handy-dandy 1/4” masking tape and I was off!!!


Applying the masking tape proved to be quite time consuming. I used my Janome 6600 to quilt this Fat Eighth Fruitcake. The end result was beautiful straight lines (exactly what I was going for), so well worth the time and effort!

My original plan was to bind the quilt using one of the extra pieces of yardage I bought, but once the top was done, I decided to go with a scrappy binding—my first time doing a scrappy binding! I think it compliments the quilt beautifully!


And here is the finished Fat Eighth Fruitcake quilt! This pattern makes a beautiful quilt. The pattern is easy to follow and came together quickly. I think it would work well using a fabric bundle (like I did) or scrappy! Either way, you will enjoy the process as well as the end product!


Thank you Fat Quarter Shop! And to see others Fat Eighth Fruitcake quilts check out these hashtags: #fqsquiltalong #shortcutquilt #fateighthfruitcakequilt




Six Week Road Trip – Days 37-39


Wednesday morning found us on our way to San Antonio, TX to see the Alamo. It is quite a small attraction. Just a church and some walls. It probably would have meant more, at least to me, if I knew some of the history behind it! It only took about 20 minutes to see everything.

From here, we drove on to Sonora, TX. Along the way, we stopped and watch the new “Hotel Transylvania 3”. I LOVE these movies! This one was pretty cute as well. Once the movie was done we were back on the road. A couple of hours later we checked in to our hotel for the night, did a load of laundry, went swimming (I did), had dinner, and then went to bed!

The next morning we got up and drove to. Carlsbad Caverns. If you have never been, you should! It’s unlike anything I have ever seen before. The sheer enormity of the entire thing is amazing! And when they turned out the lights, WOW! You can’t imagine the depth of the total blackness down there (about 750′ below the surface). And all this beauty was created by water seeping through the rocks!

We spent a few hours here and then headed for our hotel for the night. There is pretty much NOTHING to do or see in the town of Carlsbad. Well…except eat! I wanted Long John Silver’s and Jim wanted Taco Bell, so we went to both places! We had to wait like forever at both places as there were a million people in each line! To me, it was worth it though as their fried shrimp is delicious!

Jim and I decided to cut our trip short by a day and just drive straight home from Carlsbad, NM so we knew we needed a good night’s sleep. We watched murder shows and ate our dinners in our hotel room. What a date!

At about 4:20 am on Friday my eyes popped open, ready to go home! I was in and out of the shower and we were all packed and on the road by 5:15 am! So, needless to say that our day was spent driving, driving, going potty, driving, eating junk, driving, searching for an Arizona Starbucks mug (Jim stopped at about five different Starbucks before I found the right mug–what a good honey!), going potty, driving!!!

We finally rolled into our drive-way at about 8:40 pm. Boy, were we happy to be home! The dogs were excited, the son was excited, WE were excited. It was like a party! Not really, but it sure felt good to be home!

The final odometer reading was 13,046.

That means we drove about 8,000 miles in less than 40 days! I have to say it was quite an adventure, and not for the faint of heart! This year’s vacation was a sort of trial run for next year’s European trip. I am ready!!!

Till then…💖


Six Week Road Trip – Days 35-36


Up early and on the road. Sound familiar?!? We left New Orleans Fairly early in order to make it to Houston with some time left to play! We got to Houston about 1:30 pm, just in time to see “AntMan and the Wasp”. It was a dining movie theater so we ate lunch while we watched the movie. Both Jim and I enjoyed the movie. We would both recommend!

Our next stop was the Houston Zoo. We saw all of the usual animals. And a few that were not that usual!

Dinner that night was Jack in the Box! Cheap and easy! The next morning we visited the Johnson Space Center. Did you know that only three spaceships and their crews have been lost? The first one was an Apollo spaceship and it was due to a fire during a training exercise. The other two were space shuttles–Challenger and Columbia. Challenger shortly after takeoff and Columbia upon re-entry. When you think about all the space flights that have occurred, it’s pretty amazing that there has only been these three accidents!

We did get to go into the area where the scientists and astronauts are working and see first hand what they are working on. It was a lot of robotics stuff. Kind of cool!

They have a program that allows high school kids to come in and work along side the NASA employees. I would like to do that! Afterwards we visited a local quilt shop, where I found a few more pieces of fabric I felt needed to come home with me 😁.

Houston has a fairly large theater district–not like NYC, but professionals. That evening Jim and I had tickets to a play about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. It was pretty good, and we had great seats! There was no intermission, so our buns were a little sore by the end of the play!

Then it was back to the hotel room to get ready for the next leg of our adventure. And yes, it includes driving for hours!!!

Till then…💖


Six Week Road Trip – Days 33-34


We had a fairly short drive Saturday morning–ONLY five hours to New Orleans! Jim and I marvel at how exciting the fee of New Orleans is (like NYC) but without the millions of people everywhere. This was our second time here and we talked about coming back again. Maybe for Mardi Gras sometime!

We checked into our hotel (it was fabulous) and then headed downtown on foot. We went to the largest bug only museum. There were some amazing bugs there! All different kinds and colors!

Some of them look like fairies! It’s not hard to see how people could think they saw a fairie if they saw one of these bugs! Beautiful!

After the museum we went to Johnny Sanchez for dinner. Mine was pretty good, but Jim’s quesadilla was delicious! They put cheese in the outside too, like Sizzler’s cheese toast. Fantastic! I have to try this at home.

The next day we got tickets to the Hop On-Hop Off bus. It takes two hours to complete the whole loop through the city. We passed a park with an interesting memorial to Hurricane Katrina survivors–a house up in a tree!

On our second loop, we go off at the WWII museum. It was interesting–I imagine it would have been more interesting if I knew more details about the war! I thought this was an interesting display.

From here we got back on the bus and rode it to Bourbon St. We ate lunch at Willie’s Chicken Shack. They had NO air conditioning OR bathroom. Needless to say…I probably won’t be going back there again! By this time it had started to rain so we kept ducking into shops to look around but we didn’t buy anything.

That night for dinner we went to Mother’s. It sounds like a creepy horror story, but it’s really just an old restaurant that has a line of people waiting to get in pretty much from the time it opens until the time it closes. It was pretty good!

After dinner we returned to the hotel for some much needed rest and relaxation! We are on the road again tomorrow. Destination…Houston!

Till then…💖


Six Week Road Trip – Days 27-32


Been a while since the last update. I know! We were on the cruise with no internet and I just sort of got out of practice with the blogging. But to catch you all up to speed…

Sunday was spend Friday driving to Miami from Daytona. It’s about a four-hour drive and it was pretty uneventful. We did stop for dinner at the Miami Hard Rock Cafe! And I got a Florida mug from Starbucks to add to my collection!

We got up Monday morning, hit the local post office on the way to the ship (I took my Swap package with me to mail once I had received the okay). From here we drove and parked at the Royal Caribbean port and then boarded our floating home for the next five days! As the ship was leaving the port I got a great picture of downtown Miami!

The rest of Monday was spent lounging. Tuesday morning we were in Nassau, Bahamas. It’s much smaller than I thought it was going to be. AND much dirtier and poorer! Jim and I did a sea and land tour. There is a little island nearby that has the hotel and casino Atlantis on it. To stay in the suite that connects the two building is $25,000 a night, with a minimum of four nights!

The next day we were at Royal Caribbean’s private island. We rented a shade thingy and spent a couple hours exploring the water and relaxing in the shade. You could walk WAY out into the water and it was no higher than you knees, super clear, and warm!

Thursday was spent at sea…BORING! Jim enjoys cruising, but I find them claustrophobic! Friday morning found us all packed and in line to leave the ship at 6:50 am! Our goal was to get from Miami to Tallahassee. Looong drive ahead of us today! But new adventures tomorrow!

Till then…💖


Six Week Road Trip – Days 23-26


Let me catch y’all up to speed. The last few days not too much has been going on. We spent the 4th of July at Mark and Angelia’s house. We had a bar-be-que (and the most delicious hot dogs ever!) with the usual side dishes.

When it got dark we walked a couple of blocks down to the river to see the fireworks.

I got eaten alive by something that night. My arms and legs look like this! And itch!!! They wake me up at night they itch so bad. By now I think I should own stock in the anti-itch medicine companies.

Thursday Jim drove me to a second quilt store nearby. It was not as nice as the first one. For lunch we stoped at a restaurant in an old Victorian house. We ordered fried chicken dinners. They were so good!

Then Jim and I went to see “Sicario” the movie. It was okay. A little long and drawn out, but some good action scenes. One nice thing here in Florida…many restaurants have “blue plate specials” for dinner. Jim and I shared a pot roast dinner with mashed potatoes and veggies and it was less than $10!

On Friday I went back to my favorite quilt shop for a sit and sew. I spent seven hours there but didn’t get as much done as I wanted. Today’s group of ladies were so funny and talkative that I think I did more talking than sewing! I should wish we had a shop like this back home 😞.

When I was done quilting I met up with Jim, Mark, and Angelia and we took them out to dinner–Mexican food! It was pretty good too! A lot of talk about food, I know. But it’s nice to enjoy good food with good people! We stayed Friday and Saturday night at Mark and Angelia’s house.

Saturday was the big race day! I fortunately got to start my day AT THE QUILT SHOP AGAIN!!! WooHoo! From 10:00-2:00 I furiously sewed. I still didn’t get done, but I made great progress on my pineapples! One down and only 35 left to go!

Jim picked me up at 2:00 and then it was off to the races. Mark, his dad Rudy, his sister Jean, and Jean’s husband Tim went with us to the race. When we got there I was afraid the race was going to be rained out.

But the clouds blew by without dropping any rain. Before long the racers were in their cars and ready to go!

I haven’t had a favorite racer since Mark Martin retired. I got one now though–Bubba Wallace. He did well in the race but not so much on the lap that counts, the last one 😩! He came in 14th.

As soon as the race was over we headed for Mark’s house and a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we head for Miami and the next leg of our adventure.

Till then…💖


Six Week Road Trip – Days 21 & 22


Monday was spent getting to the airport, waiting for airplanes, and then getting to the hotel room–THE ENTIRE DAY!

But let me back up a little. We were in NYC but hadn’t eaten NY pizza 😳! We couldn’t leave without eating at least one slice–we had promised someone we would have a bite for them. So…Jim trudged our early in the morning to a local 24 hour pizza place to get us cheese pizza for breakfast. Yummy!

We decided to brave the subway and the bus to get back to the airport for our return flight to Florida. We had lots of time and it was only $5 a person, so why not!

And then…it was wait, wait, wait! Every step of the way we were delayed. But on the bright side, we didn’t miss any planes or get diverted 😁😩😜!

We finally made it back to our hotel room in Florida about 10:00 pm. I did however get to go grocery shopping in a REAL Winn Dixie grocery store. They really DO exist!

After a good night’s sleep, Jim and I got up and drove to the Kennedy Space Center, about an hour away. I just have to say…it was fantastic! There were so many amazing things to see. Things you have heard of and seen on TV, but up close and personal was WAY better.

The building below is where they built the rockets for the space craft launches. It is truly enormous. See the painted flag? EACH star is 6 feet across! It is the tallest single story building in the world, at over 600 feet tall.

Here is picture of the side of the building. The doors slide up to open. When all of the doors are up, the opening is 456 feet tall. The largest rockets built BARELY cleared the doorway with 10 feet to spare!

Here is launch pad 39A. About a mile away is launch pad 39B. And I learned something new today. They flood the launch pad with water (I knew that) to help reduce the noise (I didn’t know that), not for heat and/or fire issues!

We got to the the space shuttle Atlantis up close and personal. I just can’t get over how HUGE everything is!

All around the space center is a wildlife refuge. See that big dark thing in the tree? That is a Bald Eagle’s nest. They say it’s as big as a king size mattress and weighs about 700 pounds. AND eagles have been using this nest for over 50 years!

After this we returned to the hotel as I was not feeling well. I think I just needed to rest a while. The heat and humidity have to be worse here in Florida than they are in NYC! But…shit needs to get taken care of, even on vacation. We were just about out of clean clothes so to the laundry mat we went!

Our next stop was at the local Mexican restaurant. It’s amazing how well Mexican food works for both of us! And the salsa–spot on! We dumped it on everything!

We also got an up-close look at some of the local wildlife while at the restaurant! It must be mating season. See, he has his colorful plumes showing for the girls. They look AMAZINGLY like little paper umbrellas 😜!

I am trying to do some crafty/sewing things while on the road. One is a coffin hexie swap. “What is that?” you ask? Well…I make sets of 20 coffin hexies from the same fabric and send them in to the swap host. Other people do the same. Then she sends me back 20 coffin hexies back–each one a different fabric! Here is one I did on my own, just to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

So when I got back to the hotel room, I spent the rest of the evening cutting out coffin hexies! Now to find some Halloween fabric. That’s a mission for tomorrow I think.

Till then…💖